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H20 is water, but what is H204?

"The average person requires approximately 35mL water/kg of weight yet not everyone reaches this!"

Furthermore, these needs are increased if you are regularly physically active (ie. sweating, squattin' and things), consume a lot of caffeine or suffer any health conditions/illness that may increase water loss or require more hydration.


  • Water contributes to 55-60% of an individuals body weight both inside and outside of our cells and is required for basically ALL major body systems to function

  • We ingest fluids through food and liquid, yet we also metabolically synthesize water during cellular respiration and dehydration synthesis

  • Water loss occurs through the kidneys e.g. urination, faeces, sweat, evaporation from the skin and respiratory tract. This is why is CONSTANTLY needs to be replenished.

Why do we need water?

  • Required for adequate digestion, absorption and metabolism (especially for water soluble vitamins e.g. Vitamin C and B1-12 vitamins

  • Keeps you regular by softening stools and aiding food in moving through the digestive tract

  • Protects the spine and joints by providing a cushion effect and lubrication ALSO think about how many bodily tissues must remain moist such as your eyes, mouth and nose!

  • Regulates body temperature and acts as a homeostatic mechanism

  • Removes waste through excretory mechanisms including perspiring, urination and pooping

Signs you may be dehydrated

  • Dark and stanky urine or limited urination throughout the day

  • Headaches / fatigue

  • Thirst and a dry mouth/ eyes

  • Muscle cramps

So if you are feeling headachy, before popping a Panadol assess how much water you have ACTUALLY consumed!

Can you drink too much water?


Drinking too much water can cause excessive urination= excessive excretion of vital electrolytes

(I would say >4L/day could be pushing it yet take into account daily activity and body weight)

SO, you’re probably thinking I am super duper busy, how am I meant to get more water into my day?

Here's 5 ways

1. Purchase a re-usable water bottle. One that you like and have it GLUED to you at all times

2. Leave a large glass beside your bed so that you can chug one upon waking

3. Jazz up your water by adding a little lemon juice, mint or berries (just try not to sip on lemon water all day because it is highly acidic for your teeth)

4. Consume more hydrating foods e.g. cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini and grapefruit

5. Sip on herbal teas instead of caffeinated ones. This might look like chamomile, peppermint and licorice that are hydrating instead of earl grey or English breakfast that have a diuretic effect (make you WEE)



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