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Movement: your body's BFF

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Movement?... you say

We have structured society in a way that most of us are sitting regularly. Whether it be in the car or bus on the way to work, at your desk, during a uni lecture, watching Netflix or simply taking the lift instead of walking up the stairs.

Movement is vital for your mind, body, spirit and serves a MUCH greater purpose than purely weight loss and fitness. Our bodies are so god damn in tune with the way we think, feel, interact and experience the world that it has the capability to store emotion, tension and trauma.

Movement doesn’t have to be considered as only exhausting yourself during a HIIT workout, running until you can’t breathe or following the exact steps during a gym or yoga class. Movement can be non-linear and encourage you to move in a way that feels delicious, nourishing and pleasurable for the body.

Non-linear movement (NLM) helps you to connect to yourself on a deeper level and notice where you may be holding tension, stress, pain or discomfort. Through movement such as non-choreographed dance, self- guided yoga and stretching you can enhance self-intimacy and foster a greater connection to your body.

You can expect the following yummy benefits of Non-Linear Movement according to Michaela Boehm (founder of the Non-Linear Movement Method)

1. Calming of the nervous system as the body is able to release tension and mental loops.

2. Process and identify emotions as the body begins to unwind and let go.

3. Awaken sexual energy and sensuality (personally a favourite benefit of mine)

As you release tension and emotions, the body is able to connect and feel deeper resulting in an increase sensitivity to pleasure.

4. Release trauma patterns into flow via movement that aids the release of these experiences.

5. Increase body responsiveness and receptivity

This type of movement educates the body on how to release stress/ emotional attention giving you more space to be fluid during unpleasant experiences.

6. Opens access to bodily wisdom

The emphasis on movement and connecting to your own body allows you to connect to the inherent wisdom that you embody.

HOW to incorporate NLM into your day


Make a playlist of your favourite tunes

If you are not yet comfortable to dance in front of your friends, hit the bedroom, close the door and begin to move

Notice what your body is ASKING for, if you feel tightness in your chest, dance with your chest, stretch your arms out

The more you partake in NLM the greater your connection to the self is. You're basically telling your intuitive voice that she can speak a little louder!

Yoga/ stretch

Now we're not all yoga teachers and stretch therapists but simply bending your body in a way that feels good can release stored emotions and pent up stiffness.

Try simply rolling your shoulders back and forth, your neck, feet and wrists whilst feeling in to what feels best in YOUR body.



DISCLOSURE: This isn’t to say that exercising to raise your heart rate is bad, that CERTAINLY has a place for your overall health and wellness. BUT if you are looking to connect with your body on a deeper level and actually feel in to what it wants/ needs/ where negative energy may be stored then NLM will provide you with the goodness you need on a daily basis.


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