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Polenta Porridge (GF, DF, VE)

Crisp winter mornings, toes embedded in thick woolen socks, porridge in hand.

It's often hard to find a gluten free, oat substitute (and trust me.. I've been gluten free for 18 years!).

Polenta porridge, derived from organic corn meal is a deliciously smooth and creamy alternative!

Top it with a poached pear, cinnamon, yoghurt, maple syrup and a dreamy winter breakfast is at your fingertips.

🩸 Want to incorporate this breakfast into your cycle syncing?

During the colder months, you can eat this all around the cycle- topping it with phase specific nutrients to boost your hormonal needs.


Reduce your portion size to account for a slightly slower metabolism and reduced appetite

Top with berries, pepita's and flaxseeds

You may even choose to add freshly chopped pear rather than stewed.


Add a little more love to your portion size to meet your increased energy requirements during the luteal phase and ease off during menstruation

You can top with greek yoghurt, sesame and sunflower seeds which are good sources of calcium to support healthy muscle contraction and help in reducing uterine cramps



1.5cups of organic polenta

2 cups of water

2 cups of milk of choice (I usually use Bonsoy or almond milk)

Toppings such as yoghurt, maple syrup, mixed nuts/ seeds, stewed fruit, berries


In a large pot, add the polenta and 2 cups of water

Continue stirring consistently to ensure no lumps form

As it begins to thicken, gradually add the milk until you achieve smoothie consistency

Stir for 20 minutes

You may want to add more or less milk depending on your desired texture

Top with your favourite toppings!


Are you ready to start cycle syncing but are not sure where to start, if cycle syncing is right for you or are simply desperate to fix your period?



Book a discovery chat to see if this support is the right option for you

Happy Breakfasting X


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