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Nutritionist (BHSc Nutrition) + Clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner 

 I have a passion for helping women to deeply understand themselves and how they can work WITH their body, rather than against it. 

My desire to help others began when I started studying psychology at the young and naive age of 19 (which I never finished!) 


Little did I know, a whole other journey was ahead of me. I completed my studies at Endeavour College of Natural Health (2019) which created a base line for the work I now do today.


During this time, my poor relationship with food,  body image and the diagnosis of PCOS at age 24 challenged me immensely. I felt like my body was betraying me and that I didn't really understand it at all. I spent most of these years emotionally numb and highly stressed, part of my identity became being the ‘busy girl,’ until it no longer worked for me.



I was exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, my hormones were completely out of whack and my ability to cope and thrive in life was suffering.


Nutrition was a gateway to healing my relationship with my body and my menstrual cycle, whilst finding and completing my studies in clinical EFT tapping with EFT Universe (2020), offered deep emotional and nervous system support- this completely shifted my life. Through endless curiosity, passion and desire to understand how women work, how our hormones influence us and the impact of emotional stress on our body, I have built a strong set of tools to share with my clients. 


Through healing my relationship with food, learning how to nourish and support my nervous system, hormonal health and engage in emotional regulation, I have come to a place where I can experience deep joy, pleasure and gratitude for my health and I want to help you to do the same

During our sessions together, I combine multiple tools including evidence-based nutrition practices, relevant testing or supplementation  and EFT Tapping to help you restore a state of wellbeing, understand your body and how you can learn to regulate your nervous system. 

This is a space for you to feel seen, heard, acknowledged and supported.



If you would like to organise a consult, collaborate, or have an enquiry please leave your details here!

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