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(Brookvale, NSW)


Not sure what to expect from a consult or whether I am the right practitioner for you? Book a complimentary 15 minute  Discovery Call. 


Using EFT Tapping to Support:

Establishing Healthy Food Relationships inc Food Cravings/ Addictions, Binging

Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Trauma inc. sexual, birth, pregnancy loss, termination

Body Confidence + Improve Relationship to Self

Fertility | Pre and Post Conception Emotional Support

Release Negative Thoughts, Fears and Emotions

Emotional Health & Nervous System Regulation

Using Nutrition to Support:

Using your Cycle as a Superpower (Cycle Syncing)

Natural Fertility and Contraception Methods- Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM)

Menstrual Problems & Irregularities inc. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA), PCOS, PMS

Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

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EFT Tapping | Nervous System

1:1 EFT Package 

Sessions Available online or in person (Brookvale, Sydney)


3x 75 minute sessions | $399

Receive the greatest benefit from EFT and save when you purchase 3 sessions. 

1:1 EFT Session

Sessions Available online or in person (Brookvale, Sydney)


75 minutes$149

Support your emotional health and nervous system regulation. We will gently work with your body to process negative thoughts and emotions, past trauma's, manage stress and anxiety, explore limiting beliefs, and get to the root cause of may be emotionally challenging you.


You will become confident in understanding where the tapping points are and how you can support yourself during peak times of stress.

*At least 3 sessions are recommended to see the ultimate benefits of EFT.

Group EFT Tapping

Group Tapping Online, via Zoom

(Second Monday of each month)


1hr | $29

Whether you're an existing client or have never done EFT before, come and join us for monthly group tapping sessions where you can de-stress, regulate your nervous system & calm your emotions. Let me guide you through a 1hr group tapping practice. Here you can meet like -minded women and leave feeling grounded, nourished and supported. 

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Nutrition | Cycle Support  

Initial Consult

Available online or in person (Brookvale, Sydney)

60 minutes$169

A comprehensive assessment of your holistic wellbeing including diet, lifestyle, menstrual cycle history, medical history as well as pathology resting if required. Based on your goals, we will create a tailored plan to incorporate dietary and lifestyle adjustments as well as supplementation if needed.

Follow Up Consult

Available online or in person (Brookvale, Sydney)

45 minutes$110

Follow up of progression with coaching to ensure that we can work through any challenges you may have faced. These sessions will provide the necessary education, tools and treatment adjustments to keep you feeling motivated, empowered and aligned with your body!

Cyclical Living Program

Available online only 

4x 1hr sessions, monthly | $399

Learn the basics of syncing your nutrition, movement and lifestyle in alignment with menstrual cycle so that you can have easier, symptom free periods.


These sessions will be tailored to you so that we can explore your menstrual cycle challenges. You will gain education surrounding the phases of the menstrual cycle, what cycle syncing is and how it works, dietary guidelines to sync with your cycle including recipe E-Books and email support. 


You will also explore other areas of cycle syncing including exercise, work life and social life.



Hormone Harmony 

Available online or in person (Brookvale, Sydney)

3x EFT Tapping Sessions | 3x Nutrition Sessions


Learn to work with your hormones rather than against them! 


Your complete hormone reset integrating relevant testing, nutritional & lifestyle recommendations, nervous system & emotional support through EFT Tapping. 

These sessions will address your hormonal and reproductive concerns e.g. painful, heavy & irregular periods, PMS, diagnosis of a reproductive issue e.g. PCOS

Whilst supporting you to reduce stress, overwhelm, enhance your relationship with yourself, your body and increase feelings of being calm and grounded. 


Additional inclusions: access to monthly EFT Group tapping sessions & a copy of the Cyclical Nutrition E-Book.




I provide private group workshops, wellness talks and host events to support women in understanding their body, menstrual cycle and emotional health.

Want to host an event or collaborate in some way? Let's chat- enter your details below!

'Visiting the nutritionist was such a daunting experience for me but after my first session with Sarina all my doubts and worries disappeared. Sarina was so supportive and helpful and made me so excited for my weekly consultations because I knew that the progress I achieved would not have happened without her dedication.'


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