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The Power of Body Literacy in Reconnecting to Yourself

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We so often ignore our bodies and the countless times it may be trying to communicate, share and ask for help.

Having a sense of body literacy creates space for positive conversations around reproductive health, the ability to make informed decisions whilst allowing women to feel empowered by their bodies!

So what is it?

"The ability to identify, understand, interpret and communicate the language of your body"

Our bodies are our home for the entirety of our lives on this planet so why not seek to understand and know how it works?

Although it can take time to develop the knowledge, tools and understanding of what your body may be trying to tell you, adopting these 3 basic strategies will get you well on your way.


Instead of taking your body for granted and pushing it to go go go, tune in and connect.

Although your body may not verbally express help, check in with how your skin doing, how is your body feeling after you eat food, is your body begging you to stop that high intensity workout, is your period screaming for attention through painful cramps and heavy bleeding?


Instead of ignoring changes to your body, different feelings or sensations, acknowledge them and become curious as to what may be going on in your body.

Are there particular dots that you connect?

Did eating a particular food leave your brain feeling cloudy?

Ask questions and search for answers.

Not only does becoming curious expand your ability to learn but helps you to communicate with your practitioner certain changes or things you may be experiencing that are out of your norm.


Whether this be from books, videos, health practitioners or workshops, you can never learn enough about your body.

**BE AWARE of where you receive your information from. Instagram in particular is rife with influencers believing they have all the answers with little education or clinical experience.




I seek to educate, encourage and empower women to become connected, tuned in and aware of their beautiful bodies. If you are ready to take the next step toward understanding yourself and your menstrual cycle, click here


Myself and the wonderful Jo Lincolne from Jo Lincolne Wellness did a recent IG Live discussing the importance of body literacy, body consciousness and body love when dealing with reproductive disorders such as endometriosis.

Jo specialises as an endometriosis wellness coach and has seen countless women disconnected, discouraged and somewhat angry at their bodies during their endometriosis journey.

Similarly, I have witnessed countless clients and friends who are unable to connect with themselves and understand the ebbs, flows and communication systems of their body.

To view our beautiful conversation and the full IG LIVE, click here

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All my love,

Sarina X


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