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Top Apps to Track Your Health

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

As featured on Shaw Talk

Forget lash extensions! Your health is one of your most important assets and if we can thank our iPhones for for anything, it is making it easier to keep track of it!

We are blessed with an inundated amount of tech savvy apps that help you to manage your health and lifestyle right at the tip of your fingertips. Health is incredibly multi-faceted and I believe you should support it mentally, spiritually, physically and of course, nutritionally.

Checkout my favourite go-to apps that take the guess work out of remembering when my period is due, when I last meditated and whether the next product I choose to buy is full of toxins.

Insight Timer

To care for your mental and spiritual health, Insight Timer is a meditation app with over 54,000 free meditations to choose from.

I love that you can find categorised meditations for coping with anxiety, sleep, being more mindful at work as well as boosting self-esteem. You can also choose from guided meditations filtered by time or simply use its in built timer for your own practice.

I have recommended it to numerous clients in clinic and even those who said they ‘couldn’t’ meditate have found something that works for them.

And if you’re new to meditation? Insight Timer has free ‘how to’ meditations! I recommend starting with 10 minutes a day and gradually increasing it.

My Flo

To keep track of your cycle and hormonal health, My Flo has it all. Creator Alisa Vitti has developed an app that not only tracks the stages of your cycle but how you can support each phase through diet, exercise and life planning.

Source: My Flo

It is cheaper than a soy latte and will set you back about $3, providing you with ongoing support to track your symptoms and mood during each cycle as well as dietary and lifestyle prescriptions to help you fix them!

For those who follow @inher_flow, you will notice that I am a huge fan of living your life according to the stages of your 28 day cycle and this app helps you to do just that.

Chemical Maze

Trying to transition to a low-tox life? There is growing awareness around the harmful chemicals and toxins that exist in multiple food and cosmetic products. The Chemical Maze app will help you to become aware of exactly what you are putting in your mouth AND on your skin with an investment of about $11.

Most food and cosmetic labels have long winded and difficult to pronounce ingredients in them. You can simply type them into the Chemical Maze app and it will provide you with a risk level rating, the functions of the ingredient and potential side effects.

And for all the vegans out there, it will even tell you whether the product is derived from animals!

Nike Training Club

To stay fit, motivated and all over your physical health, Nike Training Club is up there.

Whilst we were in lockdown, NTC became my PT, yoga instructor and motivational coach. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Nike Training Club provides endless workouts with the options to target particular muscle groups, focussed workouts including endurance, mobility and strength as well as the ability to choose from equipment or body based training. You can filter these workouts based on time and even build a workout plan that considers your fitness level, number of sessions you can commit to per week as well as your height and weight.

The workouts are guided and include little boosts of motivation to get you moving and working your hardest. And if you’re not looking for a workout as such, Nike Training has 16 different yoga classes ranging from 18-45 minutes.


Combine the use of all 4 of these apps and you are well on your way to supporting your health! For additional nutritional support, follow me at @sarinacoventry_


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