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5 reasons to get salty and they are not to jazz up your potato...

So I’m not the worlds strongest swimmer… doggy paddle is more my forte! However I have recently plunged myself into the flow of practicing a few ocean pool laps during the week whilst summer is on her last legs. My froggy (technically known as breaststroke) is improving and I literally leave the ocean feeling like a completely new woman.

The saltwater has a powerful way of cleansing and purifying your entire being whilst providing a route for exercise that is gentle and low impact on your joints. I know that as soon as I go for a dip, I immediately feel refreshed, but what is it about the salty, ocean water that actually produces these feelings?

Hippocrates described the ocean’s healing effects as thalassotherapy, essentially using seawater and marine products such as algae and seaweed as a form of therapy. With the ocean at our fingertips in the Northern Beaches, you can basically indulge in all of this for free!

Here are 5 reasons (amongst MANY others) to get salty and immerse yourself in the benefits of Mother Nature’s goodness!

1. Immune

- Seawater is linked to improvements in asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and inflammatory diseases

- The ocean contains vital mineral salts, elements and living microorganisms that promote a healthy immune system

2. Circulation

- The ocean and swimming increases blood circulation around the body and may restore minerals depleted by stress, poor diet, environmental toxins

- You are also getting the blood moving by simply paddling those arms and legs!

3. Skin

- Saltwater improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, reduces inflammation in atopic dry skin, provides healing for cuts, wounds and acne

- Saltwater can also kill bacteria/promote skin cell rejuvenation (YAY)

4. Improves psychological and mental wellbeing

- When you are in the ocean, a relaxation response occurs that encourages deep, rhythmic breathing that is almost

meditative (as long as you are not getting dumped and pummeled by waves)

- Cleansing and purifying for the body and mind as the ocean can wash away negative energy

- Provides a moment to literally be absorbed in Mother Nature’s major goodie!

5. Provides negative ions

- Getting all chemistry on you, the world consists of molecular ions that have an electrical charge (positive or negative). They are formed when atoms gain or lose electrons in which science has explored the “healing properties” of negative ions.

The ocean is FULL OF THEM! These negative ions enhance our mood, stimulate our senses, provide immune benefits and can promote alpha brain waves that enhance our awareness levels.


If this sounds like jibberish, just jump in the ocean and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about!


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