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3 Steps to Becoming Best Friends with Your Body

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

As featured on Shaw Talk

Most of us take our bodies for granted. We may use and abuse it on the weekends, smash it through endless HIIT workouts, squish it into tight jeans, pump it with too much coffee and make it stay up late binging on Netflix series. Connecting with your body is one of the greatest things a woman can do as the media perpetually tells us that we must look better, thinner and younger. 

What if becoming friends with your body ACTUALLY made you love and appreciate it for all that it is rather than what it isn’t? Here are 3 tips from Nutritionist (BHSc) Sarina Coventry to becoming best friends with your body.


You probably wouldn’t tell your bestie she looks fat and ugly so why would you talk to your body that way? Although it takes practice, you can simply start by taking note of your thoughts and the quality of self-talk. Gradually you can begin to replace the negatives with positives and become your own biggest fan!

Top Tip: Write down 3 things you are grateful to your body for daily.


Friendship is built on connection and getting to know one another on a deeper level so who best to do this with than your own body? A lot of women experience periods of disconnection from the self. Although there are multiple reasons, simply becoming aware and acknowledging these can bring you closer to body.

Top Tip: 10 deep abdominal breaths whilst waking up/ going to bed. 

Check in with how your body feels today. Is she tired, bursting with energy, a little bit sore? Simply taking the time to becoming aware of your body brings you closer to becoming best friends and knowing how to make her feel good! 


As a nutritionist this is definitely a biggie in my books! Ever noticed how crappy you feel after a huge night out and the remnants of an inhaled kebab in your stomach? I’m not telling you to quit your Saturday night partying but if you’re not putting healthy fuel in the tank then you cant expect your body to run smoothly and efficiently. By feeding yourself with foods that are nourishing, you and your bod can work together rather than against each other.

Top Tip: Reduce the food you consume out of a packet and swap if for fresh fruit, veggies, beans, legumes grains and non-processed proteins. 


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