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Getting In Touch with the Feminine

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

"The feminine; she is playful, creative, intuitive, authentic, magnetic, compassionate, strong and in her flow"

The feminine; she is playful, creative, intuitive, authentic, magnetic, compassionate, strong and in her flow.

Although our masculine is equally as important, it is easy to get caught up in the masculine when we are constantly working toward being boss ladies, getting things done, being logical, focussed, giving, giving and giving and trying to achieve.

Although this may not resonate with everyone, here are 3 ways I have been able to ignite the feminine within.


My favourite form of play at the moment is having a good boogie! You can TOTALLY turn your bedroom/ living room into boogie town under the current circumstances. I like playing some sultry/ sexy tunes or a banger I can sing to as well. Have a laugh, have a cry. If you are nervous of someone else catching you, that is also ok, close that bedroom door, even try dancing in the dark!

You might feel a little awkward at first, I know I did but eventually you will be able to feel into your own feminine flow, release pent up emotions/ energy/ stagnation.

Stuck for tunes? You can find my boogie playlist on Spotify here!


A lot of women experience periods of disconnection from the self. Although there are multiple reasons, simply becoming aware and acknowledging these can bring you closer to yourself.

These 3 exercises may help

1. Breathwork

10 deep breaths whilst/standing/ lying/ feeling your abdomen rise/ fall. Notice the subtle changes you may experience across your entire body

2. Yoga/ Stretching

Feel into your body and become aware of areas of tightness, disconnect or irritation. Our local studio Modern Movement offers a flexible array of classes with the most incredible teachers!

3. Self Touch

And not necessarily in a sexual way (although that too is great!). I’m talking about touching your body with complete presence/ loving intention. A hand or foot massage, putting your moisturiser on before bed slowly, carefully rather than slapping it on. Brushing your hair with love/ care. Showering; noticing the water trickling down your body. I really enjoy squeezing myself, down my left then right arm, pushing my thumbs across my palm.


What helps you to reconnect? Leave a comment!


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