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Quinoa, cannellini bean and greens salad

A hearty dose of plant based protein with the goodness of zingy green vegetables and soft, fluffy quinoa.

This salad is an all time favourite meal that is quick, easy and cheap, especially for uni-goers

As a side note, be sure to always rinse your vegetables well, especially if they are store bought and non-organic (which... lets be real, we can't all afford organic). Same goes for quinoa people, rinse it until the water runs clear!

For this recipe you'll need

1 cup quinoa

1/4 cup almonds- chopped and toasted

1 bunch broccolini

1 bunch asparagus

1 can cannellini beans

Large handful of mint roughly chopped


4 tbspn sesame oil

2 tbspn maple syrup

1-2 cloves of garlic- crushed

Splash of sriracha or your favourite chilli based condiment

Juice of 1 lemon + zest

Salt and pepper to taste



Cook the quinoa

1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups water / bring to the boil and allow to simmer for 15 minutes until fluffy

Pan fry the broccolini and asparagus until lightly charred on each side

Chop the almonds and lightly toast in a pan- do not take your eyes off them unless you want burnt almonds...

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and top with almonds and mint!

Once you get confident with this recipe you can begin to mix it up by adding different ingredients e.g. haloumi, swapping out quinoa for brown rice, experiment with different dressings e.g. tahini, satay


Serves 3 as a main, 4 as a side


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